Mobile App Building

AppShed allows people to become creators of technology, not just consumers.

AppShed is a free online app-creation tool where users design, create and publish mobile apps. Everyone gains a huge sense of achievement, having been able to produce something tangible they can share with others. The app-building environment is intuitive and adaptable to your needs. Apps can be tested in real-time either on a mobile device or in a browser.


Creative Apps Generation

Using AppShed anyone (with no technical knowledge) can generate their own smartphone apps. Advanced students can take it much further using web technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) or programming (PHP) to create fully interactive high-level apps.

We are all part of the "creative apps generation". AppShed is delighted to be equipping people for an exciting future in our digital world.


AppShed Academy

AppShed Academy is a versatile and comprehensive online tool to facilitate student development of apps in education. Intuitive, step-by-step learning allows teachers to include app development in the ICT curriculum without the need for an in-depth understanding of the app creation.

This exciting technology allows students to express their creativity through a powerful app building tool which can be tied in with school projects and assignments as well as extra-curricular activities like sports teams.



"We are privileged to play a part in a revolution that is happening in digital education. Students are realising that they can become the creators of technology, not just consumers." 

Torsten Stauch, AppShed CEO