Create an app for free with AppShed, an intuitive and flexible tool that enables anyone to build content based web apps.Now you can have your own app on any smartphone (Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7).Step-by step instructions and interactive learning make app creation easy for complete beginners and experienced app developers alike. 


For education

Engage your students in app creation and deliver cross-curricular learning in schools, colleges and university.

Teachers - use app creation in curriculum-based activities. Access the Academy Dashboard to track students' progress and download lesson plans.

Students – combine app creation with your interests and hobbies. Make an app for your sports team or to help with a school project.The possibilities are limitless.

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For business

Develop an app for your business to help expand your customer base and reap real commercial rewards. Generate greater connections with your customers in a more unique way and tap into the new revenue streams that apps can deliver.

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For fun

We make app creation accessible to everyone, no matter what your aspirations. Whether you run a local club or just want to make an app for your favourite hobby, AppShed makes it easy.




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  • Build and see your changes live

  • Demo your app using AppShed's online simulator

  • Instantly update your app 24/7

  • Automatic sync: whenever your app encounters a WiFi or 3G connection it will automatically refresh itself with the latest info

  • Support and tools for existing technologies

  • Social media connectivity