AppShed Academy

Use the comprehensive video tutorials covering all the basics of creating apps. Step-by-step instructions show you how to create screens, add galleries and maps, and much more more.





 AppShed Academy


Take your training to the next level with AppShed Academy. Use many different app-building courses  to become a master app builder.







YouTube Channel

Visit our YouTube Channel to find short courses covering a range of topics for app development. Courses are made up of a collection of videos grouped together in a Playlist.


Some of our popular Playlists: 

  • AppShed Basics Course
  • Running your first AppShed class
  • Google Docs Extension
  • Maths Quiz App

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 JavaScript Code

Learn how to use the AppShed "JavaScript" action to add your own code to apps.


JavaScript is very powerful and allows you to do things like: 

Visit JavaScript Help page