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Find resources to help you build better apps.

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IoT & Robotics (1)

Resources for creating robots and Internet of Things
IoT & Robotics

Sound Effect App (1)

Build a Sound Effects App
Sound Effect App

Sports Day (1)

Students will create an App
Sports Day

Chessington (1)

design and build an app

Cyber Bulling (1)

Students will use Appshed to:
Cyber Bulling

OCR R005 & iMedia 210 (1)

This course has been developed to:
OCR R005 & iMedia 210

PhoneGap Build App. (1)

PhoneGap Build App
PhoneGap Build App.

Hodder Compute IT resources (1)

A set of short tutorials to:
Hodder Compute IT resources

Think Big Course (1)

Run an event to inspire.
Think Big Course

Intro into Coding (3)

Coding can be fun and achievable.
Intro into Coding

Apps For Good (1)

For Good Apps with AppShed.
Apps For Good

Computing (3)

Use our app building lessons.

School Apps (2)

Tell your school's story using apps.
School Apps

eSafety (2)

Make eSafety intersting.

Maths (1)

Making maths is easy with apps!

Learn AppShed (4)

Learn how to create apps.
Learn AppShed

Case Study Videos (1)

Videos about teachers experiences
Case Study Videos

New Category 8 (1)

Coming Soon
New Category 8

Google Spreadsheets (9)

Spreadsheets for AppShed Modules
Google Spreadsheets