Site updates


We hope you like the latest changes to AppShed. Here are the release notes explaining what has changed in each update.



AppShed v16

Updated January 2015

Grouping students into classes:

  • Create different classes, assign multiple students to multiple classes.
  • Sort students by class in the Track courses and Track App Progress sections.
  • Assign one or many teachers to a class.
  • If the class is being removed the student accounts will be maintained within the School.


  • We have added a new role of an Instructor for AppShed EDU. The Instructor will have the ability to act as an admin within several schools that he has been added to.
  • Please contact the AppShed Support team to set up Instructors.

Teacher Limitations

Several limitations have been applied to the Teacher role.

Now the teacher won’t the ability to:

  • add/delete/edit teacher/user accounts.
  • create/delete classes.
  • add to/move students from a class;

This is to help School Admins with the consistent users/classes management. This will allow Admins to omit duplications of accounts and prevent unnecessary changes.

User Search

Now you can search for a particular user in the Users section.

 Bug fixes

  • Teachers were uploaded as students in the CSV file fixed
  • Input of date and time in Google Write wasn't saved after submission fixed
  • Viewing the source of a screen title fixed
  • Extra action is added after editing the tab fixed
  • Teachers can block/delete teachers and admins fixed
  • Teacher title changing to student when logged in as teacher fixed
  • AppShed on RM Unify - login issues fixed


AppShed v15

Updated September 2014

  •  Minor bug fixes


AppShed v14

Updated September, 2014

New Features

  • Premium courses
  • Featured Images
  • Extended Resources Database ".
  • AppShed Search
  • Our 2 exciting new products
    • AppShed Store App
    • AppShed Creator App


  • jump to Screen action fixed.
  • image chooser fixed.
  • moved the “Is Secure” toggle onto the Advanced Tab.



AppShed v13

Updated July, 2014

New Features

  • Significant performance improvements.
  • Images now with much faster caching.
  • New extension:  "Data Table".
  • New modules and themes added.
  • Create  sub-folders for images.


  • Publish requests (EDU) fixed.
  • Track courses and app progress (EDU) fixed.
  • Image sorted alphabetically.
  • Hints and Tips updated.
  • Students can't "upgrade to Student".
  • Map screen icon.
  • EDU User management enhancements.



AppShed v12

Updated 21 May, 2014

New Features

  • Implement iOS 7 styles (Use Device - iPhone 5S).
  • Themes - quickly add great design themes to your apps.
  • Updating app on device now has progress bar.
  • Jump to screen uses a "tree navigator".
  • Preview of screens when using "Jump to screen" .
  • Android launch full screen.
  • Students using Starter accounts can "upgrade" to join a school EDU Account.
  • EDU User Management improved.
  • Students can login with username OR email.
  • Jump to tab - better selector.
  • Modules completely updated, many new themes coming soon.



  • Amend the publish problem:
  • It takes too long for the publish to start
  • iOS7 has a bug that it does not update unless you clear cache.
  • Publishing problems with updating webapps -
  • Re-ordering Steps not working -
  • Default Value can be zero in Form elements
  • CSV User upload more robust (EDU Dashboard)
  • Content Browsing in AppShed - Image chooser to be scalable
  • IE 11 - issue with pop ups
  • How many letters are in your name - Registration
  • IE 8 and 9 global issues



AppShed v1 - v11

Various cool stuff was added, and other buggy things were fixed