FAQs (English)

1. What is AppShed Creator?

It’s an app to create your own app from scratch in just a few minutes. You can customize it by using different themes from the theme library, by uploading your own images and icons and other cool features.

2. Why do I need AppShed Creator?

AppShed Creator will be useful to you if you want to make an app for your business easily, quickly, without the knowledge of coding and app-building and free of charge.

3. How can I create a new app?

Tap on the “New App” button on the Home screen or on the plus icon in the blue menu on the “My Apps” screen.

4. How do I change the colours?

Go to your app and tap the edit button in the blue menu (or press and hold the app icon in “My Apps”). In the pop up scroll down to the theme section - this is where you choose your colours. Tap the image and browse through the options to select another theme. Save the changes.

5. How do I add more content to my app?

When in the app, tap on the plus icon on the blue menu. After that, select a new type of content from the list and tap on it. Edit the settings for the content and save the changes.

6. How can other people see my app?

Open your app (from My Apps) and tap the share icon in the blue menu. Select one of the options - “Share” or “App QR code”. Wait while your app is being uploaded. When the upload is completed you’ll see the link for your app in blue and an option to share it as a link or a QR code. Tap on the link to open it in the browser and see what it looks like.

7. How do I get support?

In case you need help, please tap on the question mark icon in the blue menu or on the “Help” button in the Home screen. There you can see how to access the AppShed Community forum.

8. How do I exit the app that I’ve created?

When in the app, tap on the exit icon on the very left in the blue menu.

9. How do I go back to the Home screen?

If you’re in the app that you’ve made, please exit it first. Then tap on the Home icon on the very left in the blue menu on the “My Apps” screen.

10. How do I change the language?

To change the language tap on the “Settings” button on the Home screen or on the the cog icon in “My Apps” screen in the blue menu. In the Settings screen go to “App Language” section and select the one that you want to use.

11. In which order are the new apps and content elements displayed?

The new apps and the new content elements that you create are always displayed in the first position on the screen.

12. How do I edit or delete the content element?

To edit the content element tap on the edit icon in the blue menu. You can also press down and hold on the content element if you’re are in the list screen or the home screen in the app. Having done that, you will get the configuration pop up where you can either make the changes to the element or delete it.

13. How do I delete the app?

To delete the app in the “My Apps” screen press down and hold on the app that you want to delete. You can also go into the app and tap on the edit icon. Then tap “Delete” in the configuration pop up and the app will get deleted.

14. Why does the map search stopped working?

This may happen if there is no Internet connection or because it’s an Android issue. If the Internet is working well, restart your device and the map search will be functioning properly again.

15. What types of files does the app support?

The app supports the .mp3 file type for the sound and .mpg4 for the video files. Other file types won’t be working in the app, when you view it in the browser.