AppShed Conference 2014


AppShed Conference 2014


The AppShed Conference is an intensive, one day event

that will equip you to use app creation in your teaching.


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Teachers in the UK: 

Are you ready for the new Computing Curriculum?
Does your teaching utilise the technologies your students love to use?


Benefits of mobile devicesMobile devices and apps provide wonderful benefits for teachers:

  1. Engage your student more effectively using the technology they love.

  2. Increase attention spans using informal apps.

  3. Help weaker students by providing varied and accessible revision materials.



With AppShed you can:

  • Create eLearning apps for free
  • Include homework assignments, revision material and quizzes
  • Teach computing principles through app building
  • Free lesson plans, courses, samples and guides (all free)
  • Premium EDU features provide student management and tracking.

On the agenda:

  • Exciting new products to help teachers (including "The AppShed App" and a new "Resource Library")
  • Masterclasses for teachers, presented by leading UK educators.
  • Case studies and practical advice from teachers using AppShed.
  • Get the best advice directly from the AppShed team.


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Girls learning on phone



Limited Capacity. Confirm Attendance

We have limited capacity at this year's conference. PLEASE ONLY BOOK IF YOU WILL DEFINITELY ATTEND.



EDU Accounts


AppShed EDU is a premium feature that provides a number of benefits to teachers:

  • Student management (bulk upload, manage accounts)
  • Course tracking and app progress monitoring
  • Review and control the apps your students publish
  • Email and telephone support


AppShed EDU Accounts are a paid-for service providing additional teaching and management tools. There will be an EDU masterclass helping teachers maximise the benefit of these features. Everything else at the conference will use our free and open source tools and resources. Remember: AppShed's app building platform and courses are free for everyone.


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